If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase or change your mind, you can request the replacement of your item.

*replacement cannot be requested if the shoe purchased is a custom shoe

To do this we ask you to follow these steps:

1) Contact us via whatsapp or telephone at the following numbers: 3333062522 or 347 2953549 expressing your desire to replace the product.

2) The products must be returned to the following address: Martina B s.r.l. Via Spineto 17 70038 Terlizzi - Bari.
The products must be intact (including the identification tag which must not be removed), in the original packaging as an integral part of the product and, complete with all their parts, labels, any accessories and the enclosed tax documentation. We also recommend that you do not wear or modify the items purchased in any way because returned items will not be accepted that are not in the same condition in which you received them.

3) After the package has been delivered by us, we will contact you via Whatsapp or email and:

- If we believe that the shoe is suitable for replacement: We will contact you by email or whatsapp to give you the information to be able to replace your shoe with another Maemi product. (shipping costs will be charged to the customer).
In the event that you do not find anything for replacement, being products that go beyond the standard production numbering, our shoes follow the MADE-TO-MEASURE PRODUCTS regulation.

Therefore WE DO NOT RETURN MONEY, but we create a voucher to be used within 30 days.

- If we believe that the shoe is not suitable for replacement, we will contact you to arrange for the shoe to be returned at your expense.

Before sending the goods, check that:

The security seal is attached to the item and intact
All labels, whether in fabric or hanging, are attached and intact.
Each item to be returned is in the same condition in which it was originally sent to you and that it is packaged in an orderly manner.
Each item returned must not have been worn and / or washed and / or ironed and / or treated in any way.
Footwear must be returned without ever having been used. We recommend that you try on your footwear indoors, on a carpet or clean surface. In this way the shoes will not risk being damaged.
The original box is considered an integral part of the product and therefore must be returned intact, without signs, writings or deformations that could compromise its resale. For this reason, in no case the original box cannot be used as the only external packaging for shipping but must in turn be packed in such a way as to protect the goods.
The package containing the return must be physically delivered to the courier within 14 days from the date of issue of the label.

MAEMI OFFICIAL reserves the right not to accept the return (and therefore to send the product / s back to the customer and not to make any refunds) in the event that the return conditions are not respected.